I’ve got to try it! Took around 45 minutes to cook. I think it will definitely vary a lot brand to brand! Thank you so much for your quick response Laura! With your hands break up chunks of dates & coconut, and stir those 3 ingredients together. Wow your photos are beautiful!! Yes, all the positive reviews are amazing! just got home from the grocery to buy the ingredients. Total Carbohydrate I personally have never had fruitcake before but wanted to give yours a try. I really appreciate you letting me know! I made this for my 2020 Christmas.  If I had had THIS when I was a kid, life would have been VERY different. i did substitute flour for almond flour and it is a magically delicious cake. I don’t eat it but I like the challenge. ❤️, This looks absolutely delicious, can’t wait to try this style of fruit cake. It looks fantastic!! Truly looks like the worlds best fruitcake. Appreciate it!! post it on instagram and tag it #abeautifulplate. You could also try coating the knife with a little bit of oil (spray or just brushing with a touch of oil) and that will prevent some sticking and help it go a bit faster. The holidays are hectic enough without worrying about your baked goods sticking! This year I died the raisins, all the other fruits, and then I had a random bag of chopped dates so I threw them in as well! I made this last year and am soaking my fruit again at this moment. I did a few small things differently I thought I might share for anyone interested. This is one of the best things I’ve ever baked. Reduce speed to medium and add the eggs one at a time, beating just until each egg is incorporated. I wish I still had them! Advice on expected yield & modification to baking instructions please? =). Hi laura, i made this fruit cake for my father yesterday for his birthday and i must say after following your instructions one by one it wasn’t just easy to make but the resulting piece was mouth watering. www.sweetpaulmag.com/food/worlds-best-cake-from-sweet-paul-eat-amp-make I only have whiskey and gin. Wow! When A&P went bankrupt in 2014, the recipe might have been lost to history, except for two brothers in New York who bought the rights to the recipe and continue to make it today using the very same recipe. If it is I wouldn’t mind substituting wine maybe? funny, not many people say how their cake turned out– i guess because it doesn’t get eaten for a few weeks. It really is the best Fruitcake I’ve ever had! Otherwise I was faithful.Â. I will be trying it for the first time. This fruit cake batter is sticky and packed with dried fruit pieces, which means that it can be prone to sticking, and thanks to the ceramic, easy release coating, I didn’t have to grease or line the loaf pan with parchment paper. Sorry, I have one more question. It always makes me laugh during the holidays. You can get more information here. 🙂, BTW, I doubled the soaking amount out of neurosis and fear. Flavor is just as good, if not better! Wow! Your recipe looks delicious.   LAURA, I can not thank you enough. I can’t find any cheesecloth. I actually have the fruit soaking in rum right now. Merry Christmas! I’m a professionally trained chef. Several people have asked how to put marzipan on top. I have always been a fan of fruitcake, and this recipe looks excellent! I have a feeling you already worked this out, but you can mostly substitute different liquors for the soaking liquid, I just personally prefer rum. Thanks for the question. Yours looks absolutely perfect. The “batch” is the quantity of dried fruit listed at the top of the recipe! Do you have any suggestions of what I can use to soak the cheesecloths and cake in, since I do not want to use the alcohol?  You have made a brilliant job of “rewriting” this recipe so it makes sense to others. Would that be okay? How long will this last if I keep soaking it each week in the sherry? Everyone who hates fruitcake likes this, and everyone who likes fruitcake LOVES this. 60 years later I want to surprise her with a homemade one that gives her the moistness she insisted made them wonderful and the booziness that you just can’t find in any mail-order fruitcakes. I am so excited to make this recipe! Please know that baking times and results will vary. Thanks for the answers. Actually my mum already finished almost half in the morning then she said need to leave some for my dad and bro. The fruit should almost entirely soak up the rum, so no need to drain the fruit at all. Hope this helps! She doesn’t do a marzipan layer, because she likes to soak/continually brush the fruitcake with booze as it sits and we choose not to do a royal icing on ours (which is *usually* why you would add a marzipan layer) -BUT basically, you want to brush the top and sides of the fruitcake with a glaze – apricot jam thinned on stove and cooled down will work well for this – and then get about 2 tubes of marzipan from store. Peggy, thank you for sharing my fruit cake recipe hub. Do you think they would work ok? My family are all about the British Christmas too! 2 cups dried fruit. So, I just discussed this with my mom! really appreciate it. I like the dark chocolate added! Poor fruit cake, it gets such a bad rap. On that note, my GUESS is that it would make four loaves of that size. Absolutely fantastic fruitcake. I used two pans almost 9×5 inches. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This cake tastes delicious weeks and weeks after it is baked (months even). All of your substitution ideas sound really good, but unless you REALLY went tropical (different booze, coconut, etc) I don’t know if that would be the flavor you’d overwhelmingly taste when you bite into this cake either way.    Also, can I soak the fruit in juice as opposed to the rum? Yes!! Does it matter? 1. I have made this and enjoyed a lot with my family. I had soaked all my four loaves with it. When I was younger, my family used to purchase cakes from a local monastery made by monks. Umm… I love you moms comment!! Thank you so much!!!  And, cuz I’m an old English teacher, the plural of loaf is loaves. If you enjoyed the recipe, I’d love for you to leave a review in the comment section below. I will be trying this recipe for the first time. i baked my cakes today and it didnt turn out brown as yours, mine is pale looking brown. Question, is it okay to put wine? I am not an experienced baker, but I really want to make this and give it to my friends!. Hi Joan! As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. When should I starting baking fruit cake? I think this can also be called “the world’s most beautiful fruitcake!” So pretty. If they're brown on sides, but not on top, you may broil the tops for a few minutes-watch carefully.). Thanks for the lovely write-up and beautiful photos of our fruitcake! YES! I’ve made this cake countless times and many other people have, I have never once received feedback on it being dry. Several ingredients have been revamped and simplified to make it easier to prepare in your own kitchen. It might just depend on the types of fruit that you use or if you make some other adaptations. The bones of the original fruit cake recipe have remained the same, but it has been re-tested thoroughly. I’m not a whiskey drinker, so it might depend on the brand and quality. It sure did with me for 59 years. Hi , can I soak the dried fruits in rum for ten days ? Maybe it is the candid fruit? Thank you Caroline!! The result: The loaves are very humid, the dough feels as it was raw, even though they were in the oven for more than ninety minutes.Please, do you have any suggestions of how to solve the crumbling problem.Thanks for your answer.Regards,Mr. Hi Carol. I’m just thinking there is less chance of mold in the fridge. And finally, is 6 ounces of rum 6 liquid ounces? Hi Dee! Glad to know I wasn’t the only person who couldn’t make the twitter party–we’ll have to reschedule another time! Material may not be duplicated or republished without permission. But yours looks amazing! The cake is 2/3 fruits and nuts to 1/3 cake batter. It tastes just like the fruit cake my neighbor orders from a specialty bakery! Here you'll find fruitcakes that have won awards across the world using a centuries-old recipe. This is heaven.Â, Threw not through. Those beautiful pictures and the ingredients made me want to make my first fruit cake ever. Oh my gosh – this was a typo error on my part. I removed the paper towels, which wasn’t too difficult. My mother loves fruitcake, but she doesn’t like the store bought version very much. I hope this helps!! I made this fruitcake exactly as recipe showed. I recently tested this cake and have found that just a week of soaking (or even a few days) makes the biggest difference with flavor, so don’t worry if you can’t soak it longer. 🙂 Thank you so much for your feedback and for taking the time to leave your review. My mum said will give out as Christmas gift.Â, For dry fruit, since we got some dates and cranberries at home, I just bought some strawberry, kiwi, cherry, apricot and lime flavored aloe vera. Or it’s the scene from Harry met Sally. Thanks for the kind words. Hi Laura Can I substitute the Sherry or triple sec with anything non alcohol? Also used dried plums. Also why isn’t the rum used to wrap it. I’d love if you could take the time to come back and leave a review/comment. Are we using 5 eggs because of the alcohol content? I want to make plenty for gift giving and there’s no room in the refrigerator. After the cakes have cooled, we’ll wrap them tightly in cheesecloth soaked in medium sherry or triple sec. I know you have said two 8×4, but you have also said 9×5. Hello. Thanks again! That will definitely work. My mom has never used brandy for wrapping – it is VERY high in alcohol content, so I would be a little hesitant unless you’re prepared for an even boozier flavor, since it does not cook off. I like both equally, but tend to lean more towards the sherry. Was committed to the process and time this requires. Cakes are available in 16, 32, 48 and 72 ounce sizes. ), the second loaf will go to a family friend in another state. I made 1 big loaf in my silicone mold, 10 in the 1 pound foil tray, 10 in the smaller foil tray and 1 half pound in my other silicone mold. As you know, I’m a huge advocate for baking scales, particularly for baking. 🙂. The temperature gets adjusted depending on the material. I am in California and want to ship these cakes to Wisconsin.  I have a lot of veg/vegan/ gluten yikes folks, so i’m going to have to experiment later, but for now, this is good old fashioned fruit cake from a time before “food fuss”. Seriously the best fruitcake!! I will def make this again, but next time will prob add a bit more rum during the half way mark. She simply wraps the cheese-cloth wrapped loaf tightly in foil and shipped it priority (2-3 day shipping would be better) with some padding in the box – especially in the winter when it’s colder, it can absolutely hold up completely fine. The cake seems very sturdy, not likely to break at all.  It is way too delicious – I sent him off with something else and kept the cake here at home. Also added metric weights. So glad you liked it and love your small changes – always hope people make recipes their own! Here’s a visual: http://www.framedrecipes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/DSC_7063_Cumin_Bread_4.jpg, Thank you Laura! and eventually I gave up and figured it was enough. Enjoy the rest of the fruit cake! I cover that in the instructions, it would probably be fine in a cold cellar (who has those these days? ), I highly recommend checking out the full All-Clad Pro-Release Bakeware Set! We’ll be using only unsweetened dried and fresh fruit for this recipe. Pls help me clarify 🙂. I always use American large eggs for recipe development on my site if that helps clarify anything in the future!!! Thanks so much for the compliments Natalie! I wouldn’t recommend the soaking step if you are serving it to sober people (personally, doesn’t seem like a good idea! am really looking forward to bake this world best fruit cake.Â. Regardless, I’m very excited to start soaking these and have them ready for Christmas!Â. This one has none of the weird stuff, promise. The Best Fruit Cake recipe is for me Pineapple upside down cake. Hope this helps! However, once in the fruit cake, I couldn’t really taste it… but I am getting sleepy when eating it lol. Thank you very much! Thanks in advance and really appreciate ur effort in posting this recipe.🙏🏻. When the weather is cooler, mind you. Thank you so much Barbara! So you can prepare the fruit cake … I’ve seen other fruitcake recipes that have marzipan added into the batter. ♡. I love it, and will definitely try it. Their durable handles and platinum silicone heads, which come in a variety of shapes, are great for any baking project (or savory preparation) and have quickly become my favorite baking tools. I’ll ask my mom about the marzipan – we don’t really do that with these fruitcakes, but I’m sure its more than possible. I would like to make mini loaves as well. Should I make the switch? 2¼ cups plain (all-purpose) flour, sifted. The alcohol cuts sweetness and makes this cake so fragrant and delicious! Hi Sunny! Pls advise. Hey Laura! Transfer and divide the batter evenly among the loaf pans. Use an offset spatula to smooth the batter into an even layer. Is it absolutely necessary to use it particularly if I use nonstick loaf pans? Thanks so much!! Thanks so much Lauren 🙂. Many people say this is the ONLY fruitcake they will eat. Will try your recipe as posted, except will be adding pineapple instead of peaches. thank you for sharing such awesome recipe! Some prize in 1945! Hope you enjoy the fruitcake and looking forward to hearing your thoughts in a few weeks! She said this is the first fruit cake she had in more than 10 years. But I wasn’t sure if you meant two 9×5 pans? This is definitely the best fruit cake that I’ve had and I hope you love it too. I am not a baker, but I don’t know what else could be the reason. This will be my first year in over 20 years of making fruitcake with dried fruit rather than candied fruit. I know nothing with alcohol. The best fruit cake recipe you’ll ever make! This looks great except for the flour…….. I’ve included instructions in the recipe below, so the fruit mixture should soak for about 24 hours. I still couldn’t taste it. Just follow the directions EXACTLY, and you'll have the most wonderful fruitcake ever! Nearly six years have passed and since then, it has become one of the most popular holiday recipes on A Beautiful Plate. This is such a lovely recipe, thank you so much for sharing it! I’m waiting to see my girlfriend comment tomorrow.Â. To cut the sweetness and add amazing flavor, we’ll soak the dried fruit mixture in dark rum the day before baking. I used mixed dried raisins, cranberries, and cherries along with apricots, figs, and dates. I made this last year and fell in love with it. Would it be better to freeze it if I don’t want to resoak the cloth every week? ¼ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon. Totally understand. !  Also – I think rum could also definitely work if you prefer that flavor.