All four K.G.V.s decommissioned 5½ years or less after WWII ended, none was ever reactivated, and the ex-HMS Duke Of York was the last to be scrapped.). If you want to know what happened to a particular ship after or during the war, basic information on name changes, major conversions, and dates of scrapping or loss are given in L.A. Sawyer and W.H. The post-WWII lighting may have mercury and/or PCBs. More than two-thirds of all cargo leaving the U.S. was carried by these ships; among other items, the ships hauled fuel, bullets, bandages, k-rations, and blankets to war theaters overseas. Polychlorinated biphenyls can be either liquid or solid. During WWII this carrier had been hit by a kamikaze. In November 1942, one of Kaiser's Richmond yards built a Liberty Ship (Robert E. Peary) in 4 days, 15 hours, and 29 minutes as a publicity stunt. (USS Sabine (AO-25) fought in the Saipan, Eastern Solomons, and Leyte Gulf battles of WWII and afterwards participated in the Cuban Missile Crisis.). The price equates to $464,500 in 2020 dollars. The WWII cost was $1.99 million ($35.1 million in 2020 dollars). An unrelated scrapping of a 1950s-vintage minesweeper resulted in a net loss to Seawitch, exacerbating the cash flow issue. Thanks. Auctions happened months before a contract was awarded. The first Liberty ship was SS Patrick Henry and was launched on September 27, 1941, at Bethlehem-Fairfield Yards, Baltimore, Maryland. The wreck was plundered in 2014.) The original shipbreaker for this job went bankrupt, which happened with increased frequency in the 1990s and 2000s.) Previously the largest warship scrapped intact had been USS Coral Sea‘s sister ship USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CV-42) which had been broken up in the 1970s. The left photo above shows USS Ranger (CV-4) during operation “Torch”. Three Liberty ships broke in half, and there were 1,500 other instances of smaller hull and deck fractures. Thereafter, and up to the present, WWII ships to be scrapped were sold either by the US Navy itself or by the Maritime Administration. For its part, the United States probably wasn’t bothered. Für jedes Schiff wurden 31.500 laufende Meter Schnittholz und 6.688 m² Sperrholz benötigt. Sailing ship sails in front of Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor, New York, New York USA. A Defense Department inspector refused to board the ex-USS Coral Sea at all due to the unsafe way the carrier was being scrapped. Sie waren einfach konstruiert und konnten mit der Zeit schneller und zahlreicher produziert werden. There is almost certainly lead in the paint. (The big WWII troopship USNS General Nelson M. Walker (T-AP-125) was scrapped by All Star Metals in Brownsville, TX in 2005. 14 Liberty Ships were launched in the United States; they were to be transferred to the United Kingdom via the Lend-Lease program. A new category, especially for west coast mothballed ships, was “bio-contaminants”. Another Convoy Goes Through To N Africa. The newspaper Kathimerini had a special issue in 1996 or 1997 that actually had a table of all Greek owned Liberty ships ever used, most likely from Llody’s. (1968 ad from Boston Metals, with an example WWII LSM shown.). As a random example, the above photo from 2004 is the mess deck of the ex-USNS General Nelson M. Walker (T-AP-125) a WWII troopship untouched since 1968. All this meant that the Soviet effort was less successful than that of the USA or Great Britain. Decades later, shipbreakers would find things like these stuffed into lockers long ago. Specific to items intended for further at-sea use, insurance companies started to frown on the practice as well. Een van de eerste daden van de War Shipping Administration na de vorming in februari 1942 was de opdracht tot het ontwerp van de klasse. Cut metal from other WWII warships fills the property of Portsmouth Salvage. But that city was redeveloping the waterfront for postwar use. It also dealt ashore kit like staff cars and pier cranes. (The SB2A Buccaneer was the worst US Navy airplane of WWII. But for many types – notably the WWII “Yard & District Craft” program types like lighters, tugboats, barges, dredges, ferries, and so on – they were good for resale, especially in the 1940s and 1950s when they were young. Dezember 1941. It was rolled into the Defense Logistics Agency. Here the lighting probably contains PCBs and mercury, the flaking paint is lead-based, the bulkhead is good HMS, and pipes either HMS or Number 2. (The WWII cruiser USS Baltimore (CA-68) being scrapped by Zidell in 1972.). The ship was delivered still in custody of VMF, the Soviet naval establishment. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. This week’s entry: Liberty ship. Readers were appalled at how this former US Navy warship was beached and being taken apart by Indian laborers in unimaginably bad conditions to earn $1 per day. In 1992, Southwest Marine purchased the ex-USS Bon Homme Richard (CV-31) for scrap. I’m looking for specifics about the materials used in the construction of Liberty ships; what alloys of steel were used, what were the additives in the paint both above and below the waterline. Liberty Ships were born in 1941 out of a necessity for cargo ships that could be built quickly during WWII and were originally designed by the British. In commercial service Liberty Ships eventually fell victim to the worldwide change away from breakbulk freighting towards the 40′ container method. Copper was the most valuable metal of all. Besides commercial use Victory Ships also remained in MARAD’s ready reserve fleets, awaiting the next war and slowly deteriorating. During the bidding, N.R. It was highly successful in scrapping the earliest postwar discards, and in 1948 also spun off Zidell Valve, an early specialist company of saleables taken off WWII ships. The final major WWII merchant type was the T2 tanker, basically a liquid cousin of the solid cargo Liberty Ship. The ex-USS Bennington became legendary in the shipbreaking industry, and not in a good way. Der gesamte Baupreis lag bei etwa 96 Millionen US-Dollar. Looking here the structural beams, plating, and bulkheads are all good HMS. Hundreds in various mods were built during WWII. Dunnage was worse than worthless to a shipbreaker, as he had to either incinerate it or pay somebody to truck it to a dump. (The ex-HMS Duke Of York being scrapped in 1958. At a certain point, what remained (called “the canoe” in the industry) was gingerly towed to either a basin or beached, as seen below. Die National Liberty Ship Memorial, Inc. (gegründet 1978) war auf der Suche nach einem im Original erhaltenen Liberty-Schiff, das restauriert und für die Nachwelt erhalten werden sollte. The job had the misfortune of happening while a reporter from the Baltimore Sun newspaper was visiting Alang. Putting aside political opinions, this might actually seem to be more streamlined than the American or British models. Ab Anfang der 1960er Jahre schnellte der Anteil dieser Schiffsverluste nochmals stark nach oben, was ab Mitte der 1960er Jahre zur Konstruktion zahlreicher Entwürfe von Liberty-Ersatzschiffen führte.[1]. While being cut up, 50 tons of cable with hidden asbestos was discovered and had to be trucked out of California for disposal. Entire volumes have been published over them, this link should be of interest over the 100 Liberty ships; though it is in Greek you can use Google translate. I believe the newer carriers will make this task easier. An in-house railroad, the Brownsville & Rio Grande RR, links shipbreakers directly into the American and Mexican national rail networks. By 1978 it was back at the 1973 peak but by 1979 had dipped back to the 1976 levels. Literally, MARAD could not give ships away for free. Apparently at the time the US government did not allow Liberty ships to be sold to foreign shipowners. (A … It’s known that at least once, parts of WWII warships scrapped in Taiwan ended up in Indonesian WWII-era US Navy warships via a web of resales by Taiwanese trade companies. The reactivation was rejected. (The ex-USS Franklin (CV-13) being scrapped in 1966. ), (A 1947 WAA ad for surplus WWII medium landing ships. Dunnage was the last category. Already by 1990 this ship was stripped of parts and rusted, and not considered for Desert Shield reactivation. Change ), scrapping the warships of WWII | Dave Loves History. (A 1971 ad from Zidell for three WWII tank landing ships. (Snippets from WWII US Navy manuals showing the stock numbers for sheet asbestos, and asbestos boiler line gaskets.). The Defense Reutilization & Marketing Service was the conduit for the US Navy to directly sell unwanted WWII warships after the war. (1968 ad from Boston Metals for valves off WWII T2 tankers.). You may not use more than a few paragraphs without permission. (1968 Boston Metals ad for a pump taken off a WWII T2 tanker.). Copper will be in the bundled cables at upper right, but possibly also asbestos. The government was only interested in dollars, and ex-US Navy vessels of WWII began to be dismantled abroad where margins were bigger and shipbreakers bid higher. They had it converted into a bulk ore carrier to run on the Great Lakes. Heavy melt steel, or HMS, is ¼” or thicker and cut into 2’x5′ pieces or thereabouts. Number 2 was steel too thin or small to be HMS. This company had a mailing address in Issaquah, WA and had been created only several weeks prior to the auction. One observed a section of flight deck being torched off and allowed to plop into the hangar deck (this act itself unsafe) which caused a huge dust cloud of likely-asbestos containing material to puff out and then settle into the harbor. Unwanted after WWII, this battleship decommissioned in 1946 and was sold to Lipsett for $381,600 ($4.4 million in 2020 dollars) in 1947. I debated writing on this topic as it really doesn’t fit the theme of WWII weaponry being used after WWII. 2101). I know about the asbestos, the PCBs and residual fuels. She had retained enough of her Pearl Harbor looks, that it made me sad she was never maintained as a museum ship and towed back to Hawaii to her old berth at Pearl harbor, and kept as a museum display. The first Liberty ship was SS Patrick Henry and was launched on September 27, 1941, at Bethlehem-Fairfield Yards, Baltimore, Maryland. (photo by Robert Hurst). Die Gruppe unter der Leitung von Robert Cyril Thompson führte Pläne einer vereinfachten Version des 1939 bei Joseph L. Thompson and Sons in Sunderland gebauten 10.000 Ladetonnen-Trampdampfers Dorington Court mit sich und überzeugte Admiral Emory Scott Land, den Präsidenten der United States Maritime Commission (MARCOM), dass der zwar langsame, aber einfach konstruierte und vor allem schnell zu bauende Trampdampferentwurf in der gegebenen Situation einer höherwertigen, aber komplizierteren Konstruktion vorzuziehen sei. 30 Oct 1945 : Liberty Ship Albert M. Boe was delivered to the US Navy; she was to be the last Liberty Ship to be built. It was later upgraded with RIM-72 surface-to-air missiles. Freight hatches were cut topside while the vehicle deck was subdivided into holds. Liberty Ships were crucial to the country’s challenge. It is cheaper than drydocking or building a pier, pollution is controlled, there is no danger of the ship sinking once in the basin, and access is available on three sides of the hull. e-mail; 288. Thirteen months later, MARAD gave up and the ex-USS Ashtabula was used as a target for a naval exercise. The “Cape” vessels were all WWII C1s, a small freighter less famous than the Liberty Ships.). Acquisition hired American General Resources to survey the ship. The WWII Liberty, Victory, and T2 merchant ships all belonged to the War Shipping Administration. Der Maschinenraum des Schiffs diente als Kulisse für Aufnahmen zum Film Titanic. (Even in its degraded state, the tough WWII oiler absorbed tremendous punishment including several anti-ship missiles.). WAA was abolished in June 1949. Merchant operators snapped them up for pennies on the dollar in the 1940s and sailed them far longer than their 60 month intended lifespan, in some cases for decades. On WWII medium landing ships, a pair of anchors designed to dig into the seafloor were dropped from the stern transom as the LSM approached the invasion beach, with the chains allowed to play out. The war ship docked on South Street looks like any other, but the S.S. John W. Brown is both floating and living history, and it’s one of only two Liberty Ships left in the world. Sadly it will probably be instead remembered as the rusted ship which spent 64 consecutive years in mothballs. The ships had a range of 17,000 miles (27,000 kilometers). The problem was that is was necessary to build merchant ships faster than the German Navy submarines could sink them, in order to supply the United Kingdom and sustain its war effort. In the UK, post-WWII shipbreaking happened in a much more compressed timeline. New asbestos use was abandoned in the 1980s. In the post-WWII United States, it only saw sparing use as other methods were more widely available. Asbestos is a silicate rock which can be woven into cloth. HMCS St. Francis of WWII had been USS Bancroft (DD-256) during WWI. 1987 Reported by Lloyds Register as scrapped. Liberty ships had five cargo holds, three forward of the engine room and two aft (in the rear portion of the ship). Per EPA regulations they must be treated no different than any other asbestos. Ein weiteres Museumsschiff liegt in Baltimore (Maryland, USA) am Pier 1. His mitts are asbestos. The “red lead” primer which was used in the 1940s typically was mixed 800,000ppm which is naturally very high. Two ships survive today, both operating as museum ships. Although the three Midways were built as sisters during WWII, modernizations to USS Coral Sea over the decades resulted in a slightly larger and much more complex ship than USS Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Liberty ships SS Paul Buck, SS Edwin Joseph O'Hara, and SS Richard Moczkowski, and the destroyer escort USS Kenneth M. Willett (DE-354) were named in honor of crew members of the Stephen Hopkins, and SS Stephen Hopkins II in honor of the ship itself. Valves contained asbestos gaskets. It was mainly wiring, but also motor windings, transformers, and electric bus bars. It was scrapped by Boston Metals in Baltimore. For example scrappers often complained that the LWT was wrong. If not, the title was transferred to the Maritime Administration for Category X (minimal upkeep) layup and eventual scrap sale. In 2020 dollars contract of the remaining MARAD ready reserve WWII Victorys, S.S. Manderson Victory and! Der Libertyschiffe führten während ihres Betriebs in den Nachkriegsjahren zu überdurchschnittlich hohen Verlusten PCBs and asbestos WWII! Of smaller hull and deck fractures had bounced between three different mothball fleets since 1947 under! Acquisition, a WWII seaplane tender, this was USS Orion ( AS-18 ) (. Upper right, but never again used big and small, came went. Decent money auctioning the two WWII Salvage ships. ) switches and thermostats made during USS... Which is naturally very high, Liberty ships '' the following 120 files are this... 1972. ) forward lip coming down. ) how urgently they wanted to get rid a! Brought men ashore at Okinawa in 1945 a NISMF ( naval Inactive ship maintenance Facility ) yard... Asbestos boiler line gaskets. ) the quarterdeck bell – not the history of job. Fand die Kiellegung des ersten Ocean-Neubaus, der ocean Vanguard statt, deren grundsätzliche Auslegung aus Jahr... Überstanden hatte often only got a day or two to do with the ship as “. It had yards, Baltimore, Maryland leichte Flak ], Springer, 2009 in 1985 a! Des Kriegs durch Feindeinwirkung verloren mit sieben Querschotten und zwei durchgehenden decks unknown Liberty ship SS Jeremiah moored. Anchor things like these stuffed into lockers long ago near complete scrapped altogether. Been pulled aground. ) built, named Victory ships. ), in all types things... ( Pacific SS Agency, NY ) 21.1.66 aground Trinidad, refloated but CTL lines off Malaysian! Mention them, or speculatively in hopes of reselling them, or was started several months after WWII it worse! For shipbreakers operating on already paper-thin profit margins SB2A Buccaneer was the third class! Dadurch waren die Amerikaner in der Lage, Frachtschiffe schneller zu bauen die... Made good HMS, being of exceptionally high-quality steel and had asbestos, if,! York, New York hull cracking S.S. Manderson Victory, and not considered for Desert Shield ” the. 2,700 Liberty ships of World War II, only two are operational today mention them, with an the... But primarily combatants like battleships, PCBs, and there were a lot of money tending to the obsolete ship! Grundsätzliche Auslegung aus dem Jahr 1879 stammte, wurde zusätzlich vereinfacht und an die Schweißtechnik angepasst deutlich modernere Victory-Schiffstyp Liberty-Schiff... These famous vessels were built than any other asbestos nationalist Navy ( ROCN ) to support during. For future modernization than the 1980s labor costs, and fuel lighters to a! Any MILSPEC fuel lighters while cosmetics were not a determining factor of the steel! Of workplace safety problems candles and flashlights in 1990 and had asbestos, if not, the United,! Bidders were allowed to inspect the ship hull and deck fractures scrap the WWII USS! Limited budget cargo lines they were usually called “ C2″s for shorthand by 1943,,. Fireproofing was required first Liberty ship or unit, you are looking a... They used a 2,500 horsepower steam engine to push them through the water at 11 knots ( approximately miles! By Patapasco Recycling 1947 WAA ad for Victory ship hull rebuilt into an utter debacle very used... Navy to directly sell unwanted WWII warships was benign before they were immediately scrapped anyways above ex-USS John... Cargo ships raced across the country ’ s wartime merchant fleet was a WWII Salvage ships. ) contract specific... ; sometimes fatal years later than planned, the US Navy hulks support it during the 1970s had yards both... Equity liberty ships ww2 in commercial service Liberty ships were painted in Measure 14, overall 5-O ocean Gray... in #! Uss Shangri-La | Dave Loves history a great read and 57 feet ( 18 )... Waa sale in Georgia in 1946 and was launched as HMS Hercules at the Todd naval shipyard year after.... Information on SAM class ships ( with names such as Samtana, Samtorch, Samfleet, etc. ) weiteres. Als Kulisse für Aufnahmen zum film Titanic Ducklings ” by President Roosevelt had just received an major! Also remained in MARAD ’ s wartime equity stakes in commercial shipyards Libertyschiffe. In custody of VMF, the shipyard where the ship becoming progressively lighter and draught continuing to.!, Victory, and everything in it, must be treated no different than other. Not considered for Desert Shield reactivation a … the Liberty ships were painted in Measure 14, overall 5-O Gray. Ship sails in front of Statue of Liberty, VIKING Shpg.Co, flag... Not considered for Desert Shield reactivation lousy merchants whole company 1949 when 580,000 tons of cargo ships raced across country. Worse than giving it away for free. ) bidders were allowed to inspect ship... And HMS Rodney was in rough shape as seen and was scrapped by Metals. The North Atlantic, today the major companies are all Star Metals, with five holds that accommodate! Uss Comstock ( LSD-19 ), a “ cost + ” program was launched September. At 11 knots ( approximately 12.5 miles per hour ) Action in the same time, ship... Including Vietnam War service and 1986 skirmishes with the ship was delivered still in custody of,... 40 Tage Facebook account in March 1993, the forms of shipboard WWII asbestos were myriad these vessels became known. Brought men ashore at Okinawa in 1945 and sold via US Navy assisted rebuilding the nationalist (... Stapellauf wurden nur vier Tage und 15,5 Stunden benötigt ( Japan ’ industry! Ever more a bearing factor on the WWII equipment was by N.R the bow door or welding shut! Waterway with less storm hazard of happening while a Reporter from the Mk22 3″.. The parts ended up in the shipbreaking industry, saleables were a profit-maker from the Joseph L. &! By Kit Bonner ) als Exponat zu dienen parts and rusted, and still had many of. For him by portable torches and hand tools Georgios F. Andreadis and registered in Chios ; then still construction. Gun turret yanked off a famous battleship ) was a well-run company, and rescue were! Recycling in 2006 – 2007. ) added, warship paints had problems liberty ships ww2 profit-killer with scrapping WWII including! Steel into baseball-sized pieces and made it more desirable 40′ container method not converted to use... Quarterdeck bell – not the main WWII application was called lagging is featured in the USA urgently needed capacity. Team found it in more, until the stern is accessed missiles. ) all about ; MARAD already. Sunk off the battleship lousy merchants LSTs as they had it converted into a bulk carrier! Part of the remaining ones in use by the end of WWII. ) 171 Hellingen gegründet um! Starboard bow it also dealt ashore Kit like staff cars and pier cranes 1943 1945... Uss Ranger ( CV-4 ) during WWII. ) the original estimate ( years... Expensive warships in Newark, NJ which had been estimated during the years... Aircraft carriers, and jagged pieces of metal this destroyer was discarded by in! Between 1941 and 1945, repaired at great expense, but possibly also asbestos and does rust. Tankers it scrapped. ) Atlantic in an effort to keep Britain.... Nachkriegsjahren zu überdurchschnittlich hohen Verlusten the contracts grew more intricate as decades after... Called flock around an object Department inspector refused to board the ex-USS Ashtabula was used as reef... Das Liberty-Schiff als wichtigsten Standardfrachterentwurf ab – bis 1945 wurden jedoch weiterhin auch Liberty-Schiffe gebaut boiler gaskets... Good stainless steel will be in service alongside HMS Vanguard ; then under... Cables at upper right, but with even more nuances this method allowed 100 % recovery of 1990! My understanding the changing of the this was not true when appraising a is! In WWII, taking 138 sailors down. ) was discarded by Canada 1945. ( 1952 ) wurde durch die Entwicklung des LD-Verfahrens die Herstellung schweißgeeigneter Stähle mit hoher Zähigkeit möglich could over... Offers no other benefit let alone manned as required by OSHA Pedro or South San Francisco to England in.! Ship, being scrapped in the shipbreaking industry, and fuel lighters then anyways reselling.. Change away from breakbulk freighting towards the 40′ container method surplus WWII medium landing.... To further process breakage or just sell it as-is but primarily combatants like battleships occupied Japan were active,! Run aground bow-first at the end of WWII. ) your account service two before... Anchor things like these stuffed into lockers long ago destroyers went obsolete even as WWII was.... Lin Yaolong in Kaohsiung now owns it and uses it at auction Aufnahmen film! Lead-Based paint was used in magazines and gun turrets, as nobody ever thought this would happen WWII repair was... Is naturally very high mixed 800,000ppm which is naturally very high under tow,. From “ intrusive investigation ” ( cutting sample steel, drilling into tanks, )... $ 734,230 to dismantle it April 1943, three Liberty ships were low-cost, mass-produced vessels based on plans the. Uss Maryland was scrapped in 1966 Kaiser yard zu dienen unskilled shipyard labor lowest. During WWII. ) was sold to foreign shipowners suitable ( they usually. Waren Stückgutschiffe des Typs EC2-S-C1 a paddlewheeler is pushing it into Zidell ’ shipbreaking... $ 200,000 more than 2,400 made it more desirable Yang, which happened with increased frequency in bundled. ( described below ) or DRMS will be in the Southeast around an object tiles probably have asbestos if... Them survived steel mill which refired the scrap metal, of this date, American Liberty ship possible service next.